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Hirao Sho is the student council president. He has a crush on Muroi Yuri.


Hirao has black hair and glasses.


Hirao is just like any other student, except for the fact that he's the student council president, and that he's known for making girls run off crying. He doesn't seem to understand how to use tact, so he just blurts out how he feels without remembering to be nice.


When Hirao was younger, he was in kendo with Yabe Takahiro. No matter how hard he tried, Yabe was always better than him. Hirao vowed to beat Yabe, but before he had the chance, Yabe quit kendo.


There are a lot of girls who have crushes on Hirao. When they confess to him, he accidentally says something mean, even though he meant to be nice.


He is very good at kendo.


  • He was mistaken to be Yabe's brother.


  • "Stop with the 'senpai.' You can call me 'Onii-chan.'" Hirao says this to Yuri's brothers. (Volume 2)
  • "How come you don't have a boyfriend?" Hirao says this to Hanada, but what he forgot to add at the beginning was 'You're such a nice, pretty girl...' He ended up making her cry because of this. (Volume ?)