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Kagurazaka Motoko is Yuri's best friend and Kanako's younger sister. She also has a lackey, named Sekine Tomoharu who serves her because of what she did to help him back in middle school. She tries to get Yuri in a relationship with Hirao Sho, and not Yabe Takahiro due to a personal grudge against Yabe.


Motoko has long blonde hair. When she's not wearing her school uniform, she's wearing men's clothes.


Motoko looks like a normal girl, but she's not. She reads porn magazines and plays hentai games. Her favorite food is squid jerky. She refuses to hit girls, but has no qualms about beating a guy until he'll be stuck in the hospital for weeks. She protects Yuri and Sekine even though she sometimes considers them a liability.


uh...believed to have sex with her sister Kanako

-Kanako was later revealed to be so much badly in love with Motoko


Motoko sees Yuri get dumped at the beginning of the series and smirks at her when she is noticed. After she leaves, a guy confronts her and tells her that he loves her. He asks if she has a boyfriend and she says no. She stops listening to him, and instead smirks and stares at some girls in their gym uniforms. She hears Yuri let out a weird noise, and turns in time to see her run away.

Later, Motoko grabs Yuri and pulls her inside a classroom. She ties her up and says she'll let her go after she answers some questions. She asks Yuri if she saw the confession, when she says yes, she smirks and yells at her to say what else she saw.


She can beat a person to an inch of their life.


  • She claims that she's not a lesbian, but it seems like she is.


  • "Uh, sorry. I don't have a penis." To the girls during a softball game. (Volume 6, Chapter 3, Page 5)
  • "Well, first, I think I'm going to take that empty head of yours and break it so bad, that stupid wig won't fit anymore!" To the Wednesday Pervert when she came to protect Yabe. (Volume 5, Chapter 5, Page 37)
  • "That girl is totally sexy. I love pouty lips. It means she's passionate! Unfortunately, every inch of her sexiness is property of nurse perv!" To Hirao after seeing Yagi walk out of the nurse's office. (Volume 4, Chapter 3, Page 7-8)