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Muroi Yuri is the main protagonist in the series.


Yuri has short pink hair.


Yuri is a nice girl, but she has a reputation for dating bad boys.


Yuri's mother died when she was little.


Yuri meets her boyfriend for a date and sees him holding hands with another girl. He says, "Sorry, Yuri. It's over between us, and this time I mean it." After she is dumped, Yuri sees Kagurazaka Motoko for the first time and thinks she's really pretty. Motoko was watching her, and when she turns to leave, she smirks at Yuri. Yuri follows her and witnesses a guy confess to her, while Yuri hid behind a plant. She looks at the guy and realizes that he is Hayashibaru-kun, the school's most popular sophomore. Yuri thinks about how Motoko is popular, too. 'She's the smartest kid in class, dominates every sport, and she's curvier than most japanese girls. She's the complete opposite of me in every way. People are scared to talk to her because she's so perfect. She's so mysterious!' Yuri looks back at them and notices that it doesn't seem like Motoko is paying attention to what Hayashibaru-kun is saying. She follows Motoko's gaze to a couple of girls wearing gym clothes. Yuri freaks out and runs away, thinking that Motoko is a lesbian.

She goes into the bathroom and asks her friends about Motoko. When she offers one of them her mascara, she says she doesn't want her cheap make-up. They tell her that she should make her boyfriend spend more money on her, so she decides not to tell them that she was dumped again. They say, "You're too nice and forgiving for your own good, Yuri. Not that being nice is always a bad thing. It's why we like you." Yuri feels happy after hearing that so she hugs them and thanks them. She leaves the bathroom without learning anything about Motoko. She walks by a classroom, and is grabbed, pulled inside, and tied up. She yells at whoever tied her up to let her go, and is scared when she sees that it was Motoko. She tells Yuri that she will let her go after she answers some questions. She asks her if she saw the confession, and when she says yes, she yells at her to say what else she saw.


Yuri received new skills with each boyfriend she had. Some include:

  • Yuri fighting one of Yabe's old girlfriends

    Hair styling
  • Sewing
  • Fighting


  • Yuri had 13 ex-boyfriends before she met Yabe.
  • Yuri called her boyfriend at the beginning of the series "Moto-kun"


  • "Nothing! Not a thing! I definitely didn't see you staring at some girls' bare legs and licking your lips. Definitely not!" Yuri says this to Motoko. (Volume 1
  • "Losers are so uncool, they're cool. Besides, haven't you heard? Losers are my type of guy." Yuri says this to Hirao after he stops some girls from picking on her. (Volume 6)