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The Wednesday Pervert before he changes his wig.

The Wednesday Pervert after he changes his wig.

The Wednesday Pervert is also known as: Sekine's "sempai", and The Leader of the Killer Rainbow Army. He loves Sekine and attempts to get Sekine to love him as well.

He owns a café that the Rainbow Army uses as their hideout.


The Wednesday Pervert is bald an usually wears a wig. At the beginning, he wears an afro wig, near the end, he wears a spiked afro wig. He always wears his sunglasses. He has a goatee and wears earings.


The Wednesday Pervert has a homosexual attraction to Sekine. He constantly tries to get Sekine to be with him. Unless Motoko seriously hurts him (meaning putting him in a hospital), he waits for Sekine every Wednesday. He chose Wednesday because his café is closed on that day.


Back in middle school, The Wednesday Pervert attempted to rape Sekine when Motoko showed up and beat him up. From that day forward, he vowed that he'll get Sekine.


The first time his face is seen, the Wednesday Pervert hits Motoko in the head with a stick, knocking her unconscious, and kidnaps Sekine. He takes him to a secluded building and attempts to rape him. Motoko eventually regains consciousness and calls Hirao, Yabe, and Yuri to help her look. Yabe only gets the message after everything is done. With Hirao and Yuri's help, Motoko beats the information of where Sekine is out of the Rainbow Army. The Wednesday Pervert is then beaten once Motoko gets there, probably putting him back in the hospital.

The other time he appears, in Volume 5, he kidnaps Kanako to try and convince Yabe to trade Kanako for Sekine. Yabe sternly denies to bring Sekine with him. Yabe tells the Wednesday Pervert to let her go and to "swear to me you'll never touch her again!" The Wednesday Pervert then procedes to threaten Yabe by saying they'll break his right hand so that he'll be unable to hold a shinai again.

Instead of trying to get Sekine, his plan all along was to get Yabe out of the way so he'll have one less problem when he does try to get Sekine. He had not suspected that Kanako would not leave, but try and attack the Rainbow Army. Nor did he suspect that Motoko and Hirao would show up.


He has basically no abilities. He rather uses his Rainbow Army to fight for him. Even his threats are half-assed at best.


  • He was the first person to see Sekine without his glasses on out of all of the characters in the series.
  • He doesn't want anyone other then Sekine. He's made this clear multiple times.


  • "Hey. Miss me, Honeybunch?" To Sekine the first time he appears. (Volume 3, Chapter 1, page 16)
  • "Don't flatter yourself. You're not my type." To Yabe after Kanako tells him that the Rainbow Army men like guys. (Volume 5, Chapter 5, Page 31)